Touch Tote

About Us

We aim to provide the trendiest looks, at the most affordable prices, with superior customer service to make every woman feel like she's a DOLL!

To keep our dolls looking fresh and fierce, we constantly create new looks, our inventory is updated weekly.

Launched by renowned Miami based stylist, Cyndi V., TouchDolls Boutique opened its doors in Miami, Florida in 2012. From that moment, the on-trend chic apparel and accessories created a fashion frenzy in South Florida amongst style-istas, celebrity clientele, and out-of-towners. Immediately, it was recognized as one of the must-shop boutiques nationwide.

In 2013, the private label collection, Deliano Miami was introduced by Cyndi V. Most Miami based brands like to work with wild patterns and prints. When Cyndi needed a night out look, she had difficulty finding sleek pieces, with a clean silhouette that contoured perfectly to the body, and highlighted the sensuality of every woman. 

Since she couldn’t find what she wanted, she decided to bring her vision to life. With this love of simple cuts and neutral colors, she brought back an elegance to basics in Miami; and then made it available to women all over the world! 

TouchDolls online made its debut in 2014, with the official launch in 2015. The website is updated on a daily basis with the hottest celebrity inspired fashions, and is a place for women to buy these looks for less. 

Since that time, TouchDolls has been featured in Daily Candy, Deco Drive, Channel 7 News, Miami Herald, Ocean Drive and many others. With a constantly growing fan and customer base, TouchDolls only expects to get bigger and better in the years to come!


The family owned boutique & online e-commerce site is operated by husband and wife duo, Cyndi V. and Calvin G. at the helm.

Our aim is to inspire the youth and community that hard work and dedication towards your goal will ensure you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

The TouchDolls family has an emphasis on servicing our customers with providing quality products, affordable prices and top quality customer service care.